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Why Claim Your Mayan Astrology Report?

Full Mayan Tree of Life reading , based on the 2500 years old Tzolk’in calendar, a treasure of the Maya, a system of personal guidance.

20 pages of authentic insights for you to see how to turn your weaknesses into strengths, and your inner conflicts into powerful alliances!

6 months of follow up with emails, notifying and guiding you about your Powerful days for spiritual growth, relationships, business, and more.


“Combined with what I know about other systems of self understanding,
your Mayan astrology reading is a very meaningful and and powerful way
to pull all of that together, and it gives a shimmering depth of
additional and unique information .
Thank you for your skill– the reading it is detailed yet easy to understand, and hopeful.”

Jennifer Spring

“I just want to thank you for my Mayan reading! It is so on target that I
am amazed! I appreciate it very much! Thank you for providing this service!
The reading is amazing and completely 100% accurate!!! It is also very
helpful by pointing out suggestions that will help me with the things I
need to work on!
This reading would also make a nice gift for
friends and family that are open to it. I have a couple of people in
mind already.”

Cheryl Ludwig

“I want to thank you for providing this information. It has been extremely meaningful and helpful to me. This information provides a beautiful reflective framework for guiding my thoughts inward.”

Jason C, Thornton

“Your readings have moved me and my friends. The depth and accuracy are
remarkable. I was never a big believer in traditional Western astrology.
While I possess many Taurus traits, my full zodiac reading never
resonated and much of it feels disconsonant. The opposite is true of my
Mayan reading.
Even more remarkable is how the predictions have stood the test of time.
As my life progressed, Jaguar has become increasingly salient and taken
on greater meaning for me.
I recently purchased a report for my shaman and mentor. The reading gave
me goosebumps. I knew she was magical and the report confirmed just how
special and highly enlightened she is. It was like no other reading
I’ve seen.
Typically, I give someone close to me a copy of their free reading and
ask them to let me know if it resonates. If it does, I purchase their
full report as a gift. Nearly everyone has remarked on the uncanny
accuracy of very specific aspects of their life and personality. I feel
the same way about mine.”

Meadow Linder

“Your perception reveals these knowledge with great depth, really an
amazing work. I think these wisdom system can benefit our current
society to live more harmoniously by understanding ourselves better.”

Zhe Hui

“For many years I have been walking around with unanswered questions and
seeking answers just about everywhere, I would not really describe
myself as someone who has always sought objective and reason – oriented
But in spite of my zeal to find an explanation to my questions is not
yet succeeded me and find good and reasonable answer, in my search I
have come across areas I certainly would not think that would search my
answers but to my surprise found I have a very accurate and precise
description of the “ type“ personality like me in a description in a
mayan calculator.
At first I dismissed it as nonsense and superstition but the monsters
close and accurate description was that I wanted a bit further, and to
my surprise it seemed as if it was a manual on me and my personality.”

Sonni Brian Hansen

“Dear Fatih,
I am deeply moved and excited by the accuracy of these predictions, with
the custom calendar energies not being an exception in slightest. Thank
you ever so much for the readings and for what you do.”

Marcela Dobi

“I totally love your work and appreciate what you created with MyMayanSign. I find my report very useful and re-read it many times, seeking for guidance
about my path. It is spot on and I find myself within the signs and
within your words.
Thank you.”

Amir Rahimzadeh

“I was blessed to have this website shown to me years ago and have since
introduced many others to it for its insightful wisdom. My reading was
staggering back then and opened realms of understanding that are the
stuff of fantasy… And now… This update of yours soo much more revealed
to me. I’m the only person to bear witness to most of the ridiculous
divine wisdoms that come to me, my ability to shake things up, absorb
knowledge & understand with depth, complex concepts that I observe
with awe and gratitude at this magic. I make quite an impact on those
around me… You have provided me that understanding of what kind of
energy force I am and destined to be. Like reading my own instruction
book. You have shown me what I can contribute to the universe in terms
of consciousness and evolution with my day sign being Earthquake
(Trecana: Death) on the 12th tone, and most importantly what the future
holds with my destiny sign being the Snake at the 7th tone. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.”

Thomas Bayden


Uncover the power of your inner self with your complete Mayan Astrology Report.

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